Solo town

I really am a player who gets easily attached to the area I play in, and who loves to see an Eve camp grow into: a small town, to a big city with lots of technology animals and types of food.

But as we all know, these beautiful cities we build together, often suffer by the hands of griefers. And this story is no different.

I build a small city from the ground, and when I go to this city, I usually play solo. But today I forgot to tage by contraception pill, and so I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. One girl was enough for me - being single patent and all, I took my pill the moment she was born, so she was my only child.

But she gave birth to 5 kids, 4 of them girls, 3 of them lived long enough to get kids themselves. And so the population of my small city grew. I myself came back as Eve twice, affraid would ruin the city, but for the most of them, they just ate berries. And left the bushes to die. One girl, my granddaughter, did try to help out with the transmitter I’m building, which I appreciate :heart:

By 4th generation most women died or was afk, and in the end, it was only me (as new eve) and my 5 x grandson left. So far he had behaved, so I went about doing my own things, and when I came back to town, all sheep’s and pigs were killed, he had hid some stuff, broken up roads and tried to make a mess around town.

So in conclusion 5 generation that’s all you need, to meet a griefer! I love playing with most people on YAH, but every time I let people into “my cities”, I always end up regretting :cry:

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oh no :frowning: thats so sad. i hope the griefer hasn’t left a permanent marker.

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Me too, didn’t think about that :scream::exploding_head:

if so, i will come and help «local» ban the griefer :slight_smile:
which server is this?

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The US beginner, thank you so much Heidi :heart::pray: