Solution to mothers who abandon babies on purpose



That’s kind of childish, don’t you think?


Ill do it

  • Is it fair when we cursed that mother that abandoned her baby, because she didn’t wanted to lose her cart wile looking for iron?
  • What will happened if we now started cursing the mothers that decided to stop keeping the babys because food is running out?
  • Is it fair to curse that eve that just spawn with a baby in a bad spot?
  • What will happen if that mother is you?
  • Is it fair for us to curse you then?

There is also a solo Eve on a server with a small population (=less cities).
However, because of the small number of cities, there are often children born consecutively to Solo Eve.
This actually happened, and the child died before the age of three and got the death penalty.
Solo Eve, who abandoned her child in a rich village, is not in danger of dying if she eats food.
They have no effort not to collect yam stacks to avoid having children.
Normal users are unfairly penalized.

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I tried to communicate with them.

(There’s a community run by server people, and we’ve studied good ways. There were some things that were actually done. For example, there was a permission to show the certified community nicknames and enter the village, making sure that they were not griefer.
In addition, I suggested using No-kids server and purchasing a private server.)

They told me they wouldn’t try these methods.
They’re now saying they’re going to play alone on a beginner’s server, and the kids who are going to be born there will continue to be abandoned.
We can’t help them even if the children they’re going to be born to are Newbie. Even if you get death penalty.

It says in this link that if Solo Eve does damage to other players, then action should be taken.
Normal players are having trouble getting death penalty by them.
So I suggest. I think it’s good to build an apocalypse system or run server initialization at certain intervals.



Please look at this picture. She had five children, but all of them died before they were a year old. But why does she look healthy?
The children were abandoned. And she doesn’t even think about feeding for her babies. The children eventually died of starvation.

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Maybe it there should be a cool down that you cannot get born to the same mother again right away, so the penalty doesn’t add up by getting born to the same mother over and over again?


@EmberWolf YES!!! The “cool down” is Good idea.
That will certainly be of great help.

A mother who abandons her child doesn’t have a big penalty if she has enough food. Finding food is not difficult because it takes time for a child to die. It would be easier if there was food in her bag and apron.

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I’m trying to solve the problem of solo play.
I want you to resurrect Apocalypse.
Solo players show a fanatical obsession with their villages as they watch them grow larger over time. And when I meet another village, I am born as a baby and act like a griffer.
By allowing Apocalypse, we can reduce errors in games and send a solo player to a personal server.


I think the main solution isn’t try to get rid of solo play all together, but to lower the impact they have on other players. That’s just my personal opinion. Of course solo play shouldn’t be encouraged too much.

@MeyuNyang did you ask why they don’t want to play in no kids server? It will be helpful to understand the issue :slightly_smiling_face:


@MeyuNyang there was already an update to fix this problem. There is a cool down included for the same mother not to get a baby within the next 2 minutes. Here is the thread.
Which Mother Gets the Baby? / 誰が母親になるの?


I encouraged them to play on the No Kids server.
They refused because the griefer frequented the place and had fewer resources.
I heard the story and said,
“There’s a rebirth, so you can build a village in a remote area.”
But they said they just didn’t like the No-Kids server.

They should give it a try. en-no kids has grave for solo players and if they need horses to find good spot I can get them a few :slightly_smiling_face:

Most main players are friendly or keep to themselves. If you go far enough the griefers will never find you because they are busy griefing the main town.

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There are some people who get death penalty from the increasing number of solo eves on Korean servers.
We need to reduce their numbers and make sure they don’t have babies again.
Their number seems to be more than six.
If other mothers abandon their children, it is easy to get a penalty. :sob:

What if there was a second spawn point on the JP no kids server for Korean players, and change it to Asia no kids server? So everyone won’t be fighting over the same resources. And you will spawn by language.

Just an idea not sure if it’s possible to make.

I’m very sorry, but the words of the delusion are true.
I also said that Main Town will be mainly attacked.
They said playing on the No-Kids server sucks.

After these conversations, they didn’t want any more conversations.

Thanks for trying to convince them :slightly_smiling_face:, too bad they didn’t want to listen.

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Hmm true if there are more mothers who abandon the baby’s it’s easy to get penalty. I wish they would play on the no kids Server. It’s best solution for solo players. They just have to go far from the main town and put a rebirth maker there. Maybe there should be a way for eves to curse their children once so they die if they grief. Just an idea. Maybe a cursed child can’t be reborn to the same mother for 24 hours or something but doesn’t goes to donkey town. Instead it can be reborn. Just an idea. She would kill the child with one curse and doesn’t have to get it again, the child has no penalty but has the chance to get born somewhere else. It’s more like blocking a character. Same should be possible for children if the mother doesn’t take care, the child could curse the mother but would kill himself instead. This should be possible until the age of 3. No penalties for anybody, just blocking.


If they don’t use the No-kids server, we need Christoffer’s help.
They are now maliciously cussing or stabbing people who disagree with them. Furthermore, they do the same to unrelated players.

When we are born to them, we are voted into exile and stabbed, but we cannot resist. We don’t want to be born to them, but we don’t have a choice…

And they don’t try to compromise with us.
Also, they are angry outside as well as inside the game…