Sooo... I just got killed by my own daughter and I’m still shocked

For context, I was born as an eve awhile ago and happened to find a small civilization. I settled there and built on it. I got so into it that I put a peace lily there. I did have a son at one point in one life but was mostly alone.

Until this one life where I had my daughter. I named her Hope. She asked a lot of questions and I told her all she needed to know; that we were alone, my plan to build a house, that there was a village north-west, etc. She noticed that I was getting old and told me not to die because she’d be sad. I told her that when I do die to do her best to make the civilization thrive. She promised she’d do her best.

So we lived as mother and daughter together alone in a idyllic little village. Until that day when I’d asked her to help me with building the house. I’d told her to make wood flooring and noticed she kept wielding a knife. It was slightly odd but i didn’t think much of it because she was my daughter, ya know? And then it happened.

She. ■■■■■■■■ STABBED. ME. That’s right, the daughter I’d raised with tender loving wholesome care ■■■■■■■ drove a knife into my chest. When I voiced my shock and horror, she simply replied “srry”. Confused, I asked “why”. She revealed to me that she was the eve of the village. Oh god. I banished her on my deathbed and she happened to perish of starvation right then and there but I swear if I’m reborn there and have a child again, I am killing them at a certain age just in case.

And if the backstabbing griefer (pun intended) reading this happens to see this, this is Rebecca Plunt speaking. This means war!!

oh thats sad your daughter killed you.
and it’s sad she wasn’t willing to share the place with you.
it’s always easier to play together instead of fighting and killing.


If you happen to do that, the child might get angry and banish you thinking that you’re a griefer.

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If you banished her, she shouldn’t be able to be your child or mother again, so no need to kill other players.


Today my daughter was yelling at me, because I didn’t let her run… Mainly because I asked her, to at least drop the clothes I gave her, so that would not be lost.
She refused and so I refused to let her run… After she was 3, of course she ran out and died somewhere, with the clothes I gave her…

But before she ran, she said a lot of horrible words, and after I died, I also saw she wrote a lot of bad stuff in the family chronic. :disappointed:

Sometimes we meet this kind of people, but luckily the rest of us are mostly nice to each other, so thanks guys, for being nice both in this forum and when we meet in game :heart:

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In the same family, another life, my little sister also killed me… What luck I had with that family :joy:

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Lots of bad seeds lately… I’ve only had peaceful lives on my own.


Wtf. That is so messed up. Yeah, I also hate it when suicide babies will just run off with clothes especially since they take time to make. I agree, you have your good eggs and bad eggs in this game. The good ones are usually great to play with and I love the community for that. :slight_smile:


I agree, there have been more griefers lately and I don’t get it.