Spades Fellowship

Also known as “coders” we had a very successful run last night with trying our new layout. A few set backs but over all great. We confirmed 3 griefers and killed them, the rest were allowed to live as male in the village.

0 fatalities from Griefers
0 projects destroyed
All needs for a sustainable society met
Bell tower in progress
1 kill we feel bad about and will be discussed how to deal with this in future builds.

A new thing we have decided on is we will consider non-responders as goblins. If you can’t so much as respond to your mum/nurse you obviously have no interest in cooperation.


Lots of dishes, and then a coal production. With its own separate 2x3 berry farm.


No town is complete without its sheep and pie shop!


Someone decided to try and kill us…

Not today satan.


1 day of work, not 1 week.

We are currently accepting new member, there is a little bit of a screening process. If you’d like to join please pm me for details. If you don’t want to, it doesn’t mean you will be killed on site. However, if you don’t follow the elders laws and/or requests you may be eliminated


Wow amazing village there. If I ever get born into something like that which you coders have made I will be as productive as possible. Maybe you should create a code for non coders who just want to be helpful, which they can say at birth, so you can distinguish them from griefers. Bolstering numbers is always useful : ).


@Greenwood the griefers would just learn the code. We do let other players in, but only as boys to control the population. Unfortunately Ben&co destroyed this village. We’ll make another soon.


Holy cow!