Sport fields and Games in YAH

Here is a little post about sport fields and games in YAH:

1. Capture the flag or the goose game
there are 2 teams playing. each team tries to get all the flags of the opponent team. or you can also play with geese. so you have to store all geese in a box.

2. Penguin Soccer
For Penguin Soccer you need also 2 teams. but also you need a penguin to play soccer with. build 2 goals and kick the penguin, till it lands in a goal.

3. @KOBHEY 's Duck Race
Kobhey’s Duck Race is a obstacle cours for multiple players. you have to run around the track and bring goose from box to box. also there are bears and other obstacle in your way.
Link to the Video on Twitter

4. @Korea.Diol Racing Speedway
Everyone knows how a car race works. Korea.Diol made once one. it looks awesome!

5. @Buttercup 's Maze
In the maze there is some golden crown, but you have to find it. Also there are bears and a time limit.

I love all those ideas. i hope there will be many more sport fields and games in YAH.


This is all pretty incredible!!

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