So yesterday I was born in the tide family. I think that everyone playing at that time was in the first then, because everyone was having bbs. I met my niece Star when she asked me why we didn’t help a running baby, and I told her that if they are running, when we set them down, they will run again or be afk. As she grew I continued to answer her questions. But then my mom brought news that there was bear nearby. First my cousin ran to kill it but he died, my mom died, and all my other relatives starved or were killed except for my Aunt Lilac, Star, and me. My niece tried to show My aunt the bear, but it got my poor Aunt. Luckily, Me and Star made it back just as she started to have kids. I knew that I had to kill it, being the only boy, but Star didn’t want to be alone with the kids. I didn’t want to leave either, but I didn’t want the bear to come into the village and kill everyone. I had never killed a bear before, but this was the first time that I really cared about trying. But of course, I failed. I died of bear bite right next to my niece who by that time I was calling sis. She lived for 10 more years and eventually ran to kill the bear. She shot it once, but was unable to do it again and the bear killed her. I was happy when I met her again in the same fam, but we both had to go. Luckily, she was able to join the Forum!!! @janestar, welcome to the YAH forum!!