T town gone

When the first oven was built it was close to sheep pen. And then someone tiled the floor beside it stone.
And then the oven and stone was moved several times, because the kitchen has to expand.

Sheep pen is close to carrot, carrot is close to wheat. Wheat is close to compost area, and compost is close to potato and milkweed. Up above the field is the tree farm, columns of dark pine trees and white stone floor lye close by each other.

Railway was designed to carry wood and to carry iron from bear mine. It’s a long railroad. Every block of rail, were created from the hard work of all citizens.

The one who created garden, the one who built and brought cow pen, the one who found bear mine, my son who planted milkweeds for two of his life, people from different countries, dog breeder, dog greifer, people who stood in kitchen to afk to death, people who labored their life to smelt 6 plies of steel, paper maker, tree planter, horse cart builder, compost maker, chef, eve X, eve Adam, eve Brown, Eve Æther, and every other people who signed or did not signed their name on the board, I remembered every one of you.

I remembered when everything is on grass the boy says, this pen is gonna be Japanese style. I remembered sound of people’s foot step and they running around in town building it.

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