Tale of the Berry family and the Sacred Shoe

I was born into the world as Derick Berry. All around me was my family, and my mother was in process of making a axe. Our village had a Sacred Shoe tradition that I think started with my grandmother Lucy; she passed it down to my mother Eliane. Whoever had the Shoe was the leader of the village and had to give it to whoever they thought would be a good successor.

When I turned five I helped my mom cut down some trees. However, often times when you make a axe theres a person who wants to go on a tree-murdering frenzy. I had to explain to my sister/cousin that some trees were good to keep around and not to cut them all. She understood and my mother was happy that I stopped her.

I spent the next 15 years gathering clay and adobe, farming, and helping my niece make a bow. My mother decided that I was to carry the Sacred Shoe thus making me the village leader. Shortly after my kind 60 year old grandmother died.

I then went out on a quest to whack some seals so that all of my family would have clothing. I was sidetracked by a lady who left child out in the woods, so I took the baby back home. He was named Orion by my mother. I considered passing down the Shoe to him later based on his behavior. Returning to my quest I found two seals in five years. I gathered the skins I headed back home with my treasure (I was now 30-35 years old).

Turns out, by going on the seal quest I had avoided a devasting famine that took almost all of my family. Chelsa (my niece) and Kakashi (my nephew) were the only two I saw in the village at the time. I deposited the seal skins and started gathering bananas as a tempory food source while we waited for the berry farm to regrow (I also gathered a few more seal skins).

Twenty years later the village was prospering. We had food, we had tools, we had many new children living around us. I realized that I was getting pretty old, so it was time to find someone to pass the Shoe down to. I thought about giving it to my niece or nephew but they wanted to give it to a small child named Eric. I asked him if he would take care of our family and if he wanted to take the Sacred Shoe. He responded with a hearty “yES” so I took it off and gave it to him.

Seconds after I gave him the Shoe he bolted into the desert. Chelsa, Kakashi, and myself (Derick) chased after him. We lost sight on the troll child and eventually gave up. Returning home, we talked about what to do next. Unfortunately my time was up and I passed away, feeling sad that a scamp stole our beloved Shoe.

Now as I check the family tree, Eric is still alive out there running around with the Shoe.


Did Eric go off on an adventure? How’d he eventually die?


So sorry to hear that. Sometimes it’s hard to makes people respect a leader but your family manage to pass it down through many generations and people still pay respect. It’s really a special shoe.


It says he died at 25 years old from a mosquito swarm. His last words were “Ty”, so im guessing he either went back to town or found someone else?


Like the story. Wel, there goes the holy shoe…

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