Tales Of The Enlightened Ones Chapter 2

Tales Of The Enlightened Ones

Chapter 2:

The cries of the young cleared her crowded mind. Her eyes were open, her dreams retuned to life. The kid restored her hope, she sealed the wound in her heart. She grabbed her, kissed her forehead, and whispered in her ear. “Your name is Hope, together we will bring peace to this cursed land.”

Pressing her to her chest, she ran between valleys and swamps. Evading hungry wolves, wild pigs and cobras. The forest cut her clothes, the desert burned her sandals. Holding the baby tightly she ran, until she found green land.

The spot was beautiful, with water nearby. Rabbits to the north, and a bear cave to the right.

“This place will be our new home. This is the place where I will live and die. We will name it after our fallen ancestors. In their name we will defend this land.”

And in stone they engraved their initials. At the entrance of the bear cave, they planted a sign. The name was painfully chosen. With the blood of the fallen, they inherited the land.

“This town will be called Eden, and its name will prevale for life.”

New plants were grown, berries, corn, beans, and squash. The smith was firing, iron tools were cast. Plenty of rabbits were captured, with their hides they built back packs. The camp was becoming a village. Eden was flourished with life.

Hope became an adult, and from her, a new enlightened one came to life. “Your name is Jeff, you will build this village from the ground up”. He saw her words as scripture, mama give him the tools to make wooden planks.

A second son was born from Hope. “Your name will be Victor, a hunter you will be in life”. Her voice resonated in his ears. “Kill as many wolves as you can”.

The destiny of the brothers was decided. With joy they completed their tasks.

Eden was taking form, the enlightened ones were putting everything they had into the land. Victor killed many wolves, with one he made a hat. Jeff built a house, and he surrounded the ovens with stone walls. Life was really enjoyable, everyone was doing their part.

A third child was born from Hope, this time a girl. “You will be our Queen” she whispered. “Your job is to rule this land”

With happiness Hope ran to her mother, carrying Queen in her arms. Her mom took the baby. With a smile she kisses her head. “You will continue our legacy. Never let randoms set foot in our camp. Eden is close to foreigners. Only enlightened ones are able to walk in this land.” Without questioning, they accepted her words. “Mama has her reasons” they thought.

As a child, Queen was a smart kid. By tweaking and tinkering she created a cart. Her creations were making everyone’s lives easier, and with them they stored many pies. Times were good, happiness came easy. But like always we got it wrong, a bear roared in the bad lands.

Time stopped, her heart was beating fast. Mama passed her side running. Behind her a hungry bear was following a bloody trail. Queen ran toward a tree, and grabbed a rope that was next to a yew staff. Combining it with precision, she made a bow, and without hesitation she went to the swamps. The bear was looking for Mama, while Queen was getting thread from the milk weed farm. Scaring the geese she grabbed some feathers. Using stone she converted flint into an arrow head. From samplings she made skewers. With all of them, arrows were cast. Her mind was now focused, her heart was beating hard. She ran to the bear, carrying three arrows in her back pack.

A trail of blood showed her the path to the bear. Within hesitating she loaded her weapon of death. Focused on Mama’s door, the bear lost Queen from his sight. An arrow wounded his shoulder, another one strikes his back. An arrow to the heart finished the deal, to make it clear who ruled this land. The bear stumbled a little, before falling to the ground lifeless. Joy filled Queen for a bit, before remembering the blood trail on the ground. Running with fear in her mind, she entered Mamas house. There she was laying in her bead wounded. She was bitten in the stomach, the bear had taken a big bight. “Be strong in life my child. Not even Eden is a safe land. Remember what I have told you. Always remember who we are.” Her time on the earth was over, with those last words her heart stopped.

Her body was buried under a tree. Next to her they build an altar. “In memory of our fallen ancestors. In memory of my beloved Mom. Together we build the roots of Eden. Together we will dominate, this cursed land. The Fellowship will be our name. For ever we will be remember by the gods.”

And Eden was covered in a rain that lasted through day and night.

End of chapter 2

By Sylar Uchiha


I teared up even though I helped build Eden and I know the story :joy::joy: 10/10 story, nice job!


Another beautifull story by our tale teller Sylar.
I cant wait untill the next story👍


I like the name the mother chose for her child in this story :smile:


:joy: did you all plan this. “This is hope” .

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I have been called Hope so many times when I am the only girl in the town. I found it perfect. for the story


I just got to see the new update. Wao. What I coincidence. You are Hope…


The OHOL bible is shaping up nicely. :wink:


No no, the “you are hope” bible . Anyway , would the name of the forum website change too or stay the same?

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Oops! I almost forgot! :rofl:


Want to read this but have no time… But tommorow i will read your amazing story!

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Ah, another chapter. Our prayers have been answered by the story teller, Sylar.I’m definitely hooked. 10/10 indeed, would reread :ok_hand:


Wow, amazing! Is this a real story or is it just a good story you made?


It’s like the Hollywood version of what really happened. True story.

I like how the enlightened ones have special telepathic powers others don’t, he should add that it’s possible to receive the powers if you are not yet “enlightened”. But also one can be cut off from the powers if they are doing wickedness in the lands causing grief.

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When wil part 3 be done? Oh wait, R.I.P. Eden.

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