Tales Of The Enlightened Ones Chapter One

Tales Of The Enlightened Ones:

Chapter One.

The night was long, the days were short. The souls of humanity were roaming around the surface of the earth. In search of their dream place. Life was hard, surviving was tough. The hunger was real. Many wanted to live, little would survive.

Death stalked every adventurer who would challenge life and run away from safe lands. Little by little, humans where learning to master the skills of survival. People where gaining control of the environment and dominating nature by using it in their advantage.

One day another soul shows up. A strange face, but with a sweet heart. They thought us good and evil. They gave us the knowledge of fire. The gave us a gift, a gift that changed our lives. They gave us language, they taught us how to talk. Soon we started talking to each other. We passed information true time. We progressed and together we made the perfect camp. The roots of civiliations where established.

Life after life, camps were created. Some settlements where good, others where bad. Continuously we rushed over and over to start up many camps, hoping that our young would pick up from our roots, and finish our work. Many got far, but sooner or later they always died out. Tired of starting from scratch, we pray for help. We needed help from the Gods.

One night, a blessing from the sky above was given to us. The power of telepathy arrived, some of us got awakened, some of us were enlightened. We the blessed, had an advantage over the rest. We could communicate with our minds. Those who heard us, ran to us, with hope in their hearts. We united, and together built the structure of a new civilization. Together we built a nation, a new town was alive. We named it Capugin.

Life was good, nothing was hard. Together we enjoyed the fruits of our labor, together we lived a fruitful life.

A bell tower was created, so everyone in the world could join us and have fun. Blessed or not, everyone was allowed. We the blessed ones taught the randoms how to work in harmony, how to dominate nature. Happy were the days that we had work together. Sad where the times when the older ones died. Little by little new people were blessed, and our numbers multiplied. Life was even better than we expected. New technology was invented, we mastered the skills of the farm.

Nothing good lasts for ever. Sooner than we expected, a bad seed grew between us. A toxic soul had arrived. With darkness at his core, he fed the bad wolf in his heart. Hate grew faster than a spark between us. Grievers destroyed our lives. With fight after fight, we started a war.

Blood sheets ran over the streets of our village. Rivers of blood, covered the farms. Our fruits of life were rotting. We lost our course under the darkened sky.

Running for her life, a kid passed over the fallen bodies. Running as fast as she could, she entered the wilderness. Looking for a new horizon, searching for a place to hide.

Several decades passed, running non stop. Evading wild animals, eating whatever she could find. Her hair grow long, her body enlarged.

But one day she stopped. A baby was born, a new hope to make things right. This time without hesitating, she continued running, but now with a new objective. She wanted to find her dream land.

End of chapter one.

By Sylar Uchiha


The OHOL bible?

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Lol. You can call it like that. Lol

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Wow, I really love the way you write. Also, are you making tales for us? I’m all with that. Just waiting for chapter two now!

That’d be really cool, though

Thank you.

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The pleasure is mine x

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Thank you.
Here you can enjoy the chapter 2 of my story.