Taming a Horse


Before you get a horse you need a fence so you can tie the horse.

What you need for a fence kit are 2 branches and a steel adze.

With a shovel, stakes and a stone you can place the fence kit.

Now you are ready to get a horse.


The horse can be found in the dessert. With a lasso made out of 4 milkweed you can catch the horse.

For taming the horse you need a carrot. You find wild carrots in pararies. Or you can plant carrot seeds.

After feeding the horse it will be calm.


For the saddle you need sheep skin.

With a needle made out of rabbit bones and 1 milkweed you can sew a saddle.

Now you can put the saddle on the horse and ride it.


You can use a hand cart with your horse. The cart has an 4 spot inventory to place things like baskets and crocks.

For the cart you need 2 wheels, 1 wood board, 1 rope and 1 long straight shaft.

The wheels and wood board are made out of 2 butt logs. For crafting you need a saw, a flint-tipped bow drill, a steel froe and a mallet.

Once the horse is harnessed with a cart you can’t get the cart off.

Now you have a horse-drawn cart.

Riding the Horse

On the horse you will be twice as fast.