Tea Town

This is the story of Tea Town it’s an story about griefers trying to take tea town out.
The story begins by me Earl. My friend Gray and me where hunting bearrys and one person running out name Lillic cause an bear attack she trying to kill it but died by it blaming Gray on causing it but I died by starvation. I was grays daughter after I get born again. Tea town most prise part was there graveyard I built. I made tea town succeed by making farms and I later died when i was 47. I was born agian as Pablo Tea. There was an another bear attack it almost everyone was dead. There was me and 2 girls and there was still the bears. I told the girls to run while I distract it one ran and the outher girl stayed she got bit and told me to kill the bears. I later died but I saved Bear Attack Tea. She was ran to the most close Bell town. She later made tea town trive again but it ended kinda sadly after we finaly died out. THE END.

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