Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

It was a bright, sunny day (as always) when it all started. I ended up spawning in as an Eve on de-normal-2 and was making baskets, when all of the sudden, a baby popped right out of me! After 3 or so years passed, I stopped feeding the baby and named him Maden. Little did I know that he was very intelligent when it came to fires and farming. We worked great together! I made baskets for Maden while he got rabbits and made fire. We did this for most of my life, and by the time we were done, I was 40 years old. He then told me to help collect soil to make a farm, and so I did. The problem was that I was getting weaker and weaker, but I pushed on. Maden made a hoe by the time I had collected an entire fertile soil deposit, and he started to grow food while I frantically ran back and forth to the berry bushes (there were tons of healthy berry bushes near our farm).

I almost starved when I was 55 years old, and Maden realized I only had 5 years left, so we said our goodbyes. I died right next to him, and I hope he buried me near the farm. I will never forget the moments I had with Maden.


Cute story