The Afterlife

I am such a softie, somehow it is so touching when your children bury you after you die. I love observation mode!

I had two amazing daughters last night playing on the US beginner server. I named them Medusa and Lilith. I really hope I get to play with them again sometime!

Medusa was an incredible player, she was doing everything at once, making pies, expanding the berry garden, making stew, smithing, making compost, raising babies, she was like the flash!

My daughter Lilith built an enormous stone building and recruited her daughter to help her finish it. It was a lovely addition to our village, I wish I had remembered to take more screenshots.

Medusa asked her son to bury her next to me when she died. Squish squish! :sob::heartpulse:

I hope to meet with you both again, you were amazing!

Here is another pic of a lovely area my children buried me in after I passed.


Wow! That’s truly beautiful!