The banishment system sucks

so i created this one map with a friend and we’ve been working on it nonstop for i’d say a couple weeks now. today, some troll was born and kept taking baby’s far away and dropping them there to die, when i found out about this of course i told everybody to banish her, she got a few banish votes but didn’t end up getting banished, a couple minutes later she comes up to me and gives me ONE, let me repeat, ONE vote (not a single person voted for me before) and i got banished. now i can’t get back into the map even tho i put a rebirth marker that life just in case. i don’t want all my progress to go to ■■■■ because of this dumbass system

hi @areejaye welcome to the forum. for first offenders it need 5 banishment tokens from 5 different people. they can banish you in absentia. click and hold on an object used by a griefer and banish him/her. i guess that happend to you 4 times in absentia and in game just the 1 remaining banishment token was enough to ban you.

i thought it’s supposed to give you a little pop up telling you somebody has voted to banish you but wow i didn’t know about the item thing and i can’t even begin to fathom how stupid it is considering almost every single item on that map has been touched by me -_- super unfair how the actual griefer gets away scott free and IM the one facing the consequences just because i’ve used an item and people are stupid. anyways, will i ever be able to get back into the map?

You shouldn’t be able to get region banned or sent to donkey town by one vote unless you somehow summoned a game moderator which is pretty hard to do. If you somehow got banned by 5 other players it could be in other towns so you should be able to return to your place after you leave donkey town by playing 30 minutes. If you get the notice that you can’t return to the town because you were banned you can send a bug report by tapping “report a problem”. Hope this helps you.

Also it could be the griefer convinced others that you are the griefer, it’s rare but can happen.

can i get an admin to help with my account please? i’ve played well over 2 hours of in game time now and still can’t get back to the world after being banished. this is my first time ever being banished can an admin get in contact with me so i can dm my id to them?

You can send your ID through the report a problem button in the settings. Remember to state your problem.

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Could you clarify what you mean with “can’t get back to the world?”
What is happening and how does that differ from your expectation?

well i’m usually able to rebirth without any problems or without having to suicide a lot but over the past couple of days i’ve been constantly trying to get back into the region and no luck

So exactly what happens when you use Rebirth? Please describe the steps and the messages you are getting?

Do you get black text bubble when talking ?
Do you get a message saying you are in donkey town?
Do you have a B number behind your player ID when you click on yourself ?

well it’s just normal, occasionally i’d have to constant keep putting down peace lilies but sometimes i can rebirth without needing to every rebirth and i’ve only buried myself once but i’ve rebirthed about 20 times without any issues until now

i didn’t talk to anybody in donkey town but when i’m playing in a different region it is white, it did tell me i was in donkey town and sent me to the south, and no i don’t have a B number

you don’t have to set a peace lily in every life. just set it once and you are good to go for every life.

You can only get rebirth by being buried by someone, you don’t need to redo the lily.

I don’t really understand this, what do you mean by “region” ?

i only redo the lily sometimes just in case but i’ve only been buried once how have i been reborn that many times? and by region i just mean like the area or the village or whatever

So you can get born to other families but can’t return to your village ? But you are still showing the message that you are in donkey town?

Which server was this on?

us-2 and no, i can only be born into other families from different “regions” or whatever, not the place i have a rebirth marker so since i can’t get back to that place it doesn’t say i’m in donkey town

Take a look at these instructions and see if they help:

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Help me literally please why was i banished i was soo nice didn’t even talk to them i helped them and always be kind to then but then they banished me for no absolute reason and now it says im banished for 3 HOURS?! WHAT IS THIS PLEASE FIX THIS HOW am i supposed to play online now​:sob::sob: