The banishment system sucks

oh wow that like get banned by 7 players. which server did you played on?

To find yourself in the situation you describe (3 hours banishment) , you must at least have lived 4 separate lives where several people decided to banish you each time, and you must have been to Donkey Town 4 times.
Clearly, something you do annoys other players. Can’t you try to do something differently next time you are out of Donkey Town, so people will not continue to banish you all the time?

Good Luck!

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So i waited 3 hours to be unbanished then when i was born in a American server they said nope you’re b4 then they all reported me now its 4 hours now they think of me differently because they see my banish points they’re just gonna banish me because of my points how am i supposed play

The first time i was banished because i appearantly killed the last sheeo livestock and said i was griefing but seriously i didn’t know that was the last sheep then the nexr i got banished FOR TAKING WOOL ON THE SHOP i literally needed that wool because i wanted to make a shirt then the third i git banished for no absolute reason probably because it was of my points then now i got banished again FOR NO ABSOLUTE REASON IM BEING TREATED BADLY IN THIS GAME THIS IS SO UNFAIR


NO CONVERSATION can make u suspicious cuz ppl may think u r ignoring them which can make them to get u wrong

We definitely need to talk cuz if we don’t, we never know whether it’s helping or griefing.

One baby came to my town and she neither spoke my language nor eng. She said nothin and suddenly turned all of my coloured fabrics to shirts. I CLEARLY SAID “STOP” BUT SHE NEVER REPLIED. When i took away the tools from her to stop her she suddenly voted me to banish LMAO…XD

Making fabrics to shirts just took 4mins but to make all of those coloured fabrics again may need more than hours.

BTW coloured fabrics r permanent but clothes fade away after some time. That’s why ppl using short stick instead of needle and thread


Adding onto what Van11 said - it may be unfair to you, but it must have been worse for many other people. Your action may have erased hours of another player’s hard work - how do you think they feel?

Maybe you just grabbed wool. Or maybe someone else painstakingly forged shears and made the sheep food to produce the wool to make a torch to light an iron mine? imagine if you took away all that hard work just to make a shirt for yourself.

My suggestion: for your next few lives, do simple tasks that benefit others, to show people you truly are a cooperative player with good intentions. for example, revive berry bushes, make compost, gather wood, farm milkweed, collect buckets of water for the forge/farm. it can even be as simple as picking up all the metal tools and placing them in one spot for convenience. Actions like this are greatly appreciated by others and people will trust you again.

When you start from simple tasks, you will also realize how much effort is needed to make some common items.