The Bell Tower

One day! One life! I will create a bell tower, the devs won’t stop me!! :bellhop_bell:



nice place you got there! i was there today :blush:

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So what happens now? And how did you mannaged to find back the town 3 days straight?!

Someone should ring it and if u are a eve find it and then die old

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My name was Harry Forever. I lived out a life as a forager before my settlement died out. But I refused to give up hope, setting out into the wilderness at the age of 18, a young man alone in the world. Things quickly looked up though. I found a fairly advanced settlement with some basic iron tools, but there was nobody nearby. After burying one of the original inhabitants and kitting myself out in an overcoat with my reed skirt, I noticed that the home marker on my screen was not from my old camp as I had suspected but instead seemed to be pointing to somewhere else far away. Yes, I thought, a bell tower! I am saved! Unfortunately I was not. It appeared that the town with the tower was on the other side of the map, something I found out with some hasty triangulation. Eventually I met my doom with consecutive illnesses of yellow fever. I suppose that must have been your bell tower I tried so hard to reach.


I made it I was running for almost 40 years

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I think we get about 5-10eve spawns from old age but you can’t be killed even as a baby, I just started a family, got reborn a few times. Waited for them to die and spawned as an eve.

I witnessed a few things during the construction of the bell, evil players releasing the wild bears about 10 in fact. Dont worry the hunters made short work of them!

Evil cults forming killing every new born boy!. This was only stopped when a boy some how became of age and stabbed his mom and ended the cult with one slash.

Luckily the faz family pulled through the dark ages to strike the bell. If you ever make it to the bell you’ll see my grave under it! The first man to ring the bell.


But after that other eves should ring the bell and we can stay for ever

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How did you managed to spawn back as an eve 10 times? Once i was trying again to see if i could spawn back in my camp after dying of old age and spawned as an eve in your town LOL

You cant be killed even as a baby?! What do you mean?

Its multiple people working together to get eve deaths there and ring bell for others.

I was a part of this! :heart: :heart: :heart: If you have a baby that says :heart: it’s me! You can see my mom holding me while Faz rings the bell in the above pic.

I was born into this little village when I was a baby and it was so small. I stood by the fire and fed all the babies.

I was there for when the no boy cult took over, I ran south with my boys and raised then to age three. I told them to run east, and they survived a few years until they died from snakes and starvation. I had two of them. Wehn the village almost died out and a boy stabbed his mom, we looked around as a new baby boy was born. “Let him live” I declared “We need people” it would be impossible for three peoppe to keep that big town going!

I was there for all the bear attacks-of which we acquired lots of skins. I didn’t know how to shoot a bow, so I cowered behind the berry bushes.

When I was asked to populate an Outpost as a 13 year old, I left my daughter with one of the Queens. In the new town, my kids all ran away. We started a road to the outpost, even as I died I layed down stairs to be filled in.

I remember when I got my first crown ever. I was the last survivor or the olden age - my mother had only one boy. My mother told me to ring the bell, I did. Nobody came. I remember her taking one last ride on her horse before she perished. I buried her east. My godfather handed me a bonsai tree and with a tearful smile told me to plant it and tell the next generations about it. It would be the center of town and we would all know of those great people who raised our town from the dirt below. I thought of him as I lay dying, sputtering blood. Mayhaps my blood could water the crops a last time.

Who would ring the bell tower? Who would plant the bonsai?

The prince who should have never been born. Who was neither a girl, not a botanist nor a tower mechanic. The end of a great society went out with a useless lad who let everyone down. And yet, there he was born anyway.

I spent my lonely days caring for berry bushes until another bear came to attack! I died while making a third arrow. It was a beautiful, bustling town.

I hoped someone would find it again. I even wrote a dramatic ending as a prince of an empty village. And a few times as an eve I tried to find it again.

(Tiny town: )

(The outpost: )

(One of the bear attacks: )

(The last little prince:  )

I hope one day I get to see the town as it should be. Wild and crazy and unorganized chaos with plenty of love, kids, people riding on horses, a constant flow of gathered materials.

(Some code people moved in and I couldn’t live in my beloved town.
I told them to get on PC and make their own server if they didn’t want strangers, but I was cursed, so now I’m marked. European server is the only one I don’t lag on, so if you spawn to them and don’t have a code, don’t say anything because you WILL be cursed. Just leave and you’ll be ok.

There should be a way to choose to not spawn to a family! It makes the game more fun if you don’t spawn and die in quick succession.)

(Code: )

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Wow cool story. By the way I think I tried teaming up with you as an Eve once, my name was Kentanan of the Molly family (got the names mixed up). We were so close but didn’t make it in the end.


I remember you fondly! I was reborn as your baby too. It was just a bad spot I think, we worked so hard though.

Yeah, shame : ) it was fun working with you

@Peaches the town is still going with the coders. Soon the “castle” will be secure and will be working on a way for more people to join this area. It would be a good idea to start building things around the tower, so you arent in town but can get back your village when the bell rings

Wow awesome. I’ll head over to this town if I ever get the chance and ring the bell. By the way, what is this city called? And maybe you should fill that castle with supplies like food and weapons as well as installing a lock and key so you can hold out against attacks. Any town based around a bell tower is likely to have them frequently.

So believe it or not I was actually the boy who stopped the no boy cult. I was first born in as a girl and my mom, Queen, named me princess. She gave me everything she had, including a backpack with a KNIFE in it. Queen was the person that killed all the boys or starved them to death. She then had Diana. I forgot to look at my hunger meter (don’t ask why lol) and starved to death. I don’t know what happened with the knife…I was born into the same village as a boy this time. My mom wanted to kill me but someone said that we need boys to survive and continue the village. I survived and my mother (Queen) named me Strong. Another boy was born and they let him live, yay! When I was about 12-15 I saw my mom with a knife outside the village when I was searching for wheat. She was running towards the village, but didn’t see me. I followed her and saw that she wasn’t heading for the sheep pen (to kill them for food), she was heading towards a boy! She then saw me grab a bow and arrow and dropped the knife. I pretended to be cool and then…killed her. Not only because she was going to kill that boy, but because she killed all of her boy babies…many. There was only 2 boys and lots of girls. The others boys starved to death. But we made sure to feed them after Queen was gone. The no boy cult was over. And btw the last thing she said was “Damn Child.”