The Best Worst Life

(Someone move this to the life stories category plz i cant post there)
Have you ever been to “420” town? This was a long time ago in 420 town. ether just before or just after the update that reduce the hunger it restores. I was born as a boy and I was her first kid. She was planting some berrys and was going to get some soil from the smaller town. She never came back. but she had a bb girl and never noticed. I saved my sis by feeding her berrys till she was 3. Like 9 minutes pass (IRL) and i’m fearing for the worst, That she is dead. So i told my sis where i was going and GUESS what i found. NOT ONE BUT TWO BEARS. They had killed ma, and almost killed me. but I got back. Sis was upset. So i went back with her and a basket to bring her bones. Fast forward and we spend most of our lives trying 2 make a grave 4 ma. (We failed)
And 6then i starved to death at 59, OOF


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