The Biggest Troll

So I’ve just observed the biggest troll.

To make the game fair and playable it is teamwork, not getting your own way and doing childish things like releasing bears and pigs into camps. Not good!
Chopping down trees that create fire! Not just one but all in the area!
Hiding all tools far behind trees!
Killing all the sheep!
Hiding buckets of water and cutting down berry bushes!
Putting stakes in wild berry bushes so they die!!
Using a chisel on Adobe walls so they decay!


Thought you guys were friends.

We must unite under Kyom, the friendly new neighbourhood deity for One Hour One Life. We have two branches and are getting bigger by the day : )


Feel free to make your own branches by the way, or stick with one of the existent ones. We’ve got Orthodox Kyoism and the slightly nicer Angelic Kyoism, although all follow Kyom and respect The Prophet.


Why do you guys keep promoting your religion on other peoples posts ?

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Because its related

How ? You called a guy out

You should get in2 kyom

No thanks. I think its stupid

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But you could become a Priest. Get a Coolio hat

Then why do u ask questions if u dont want to learn

Kyom may seem silly, but it could be fun and a useful way of organising a town that’s a fresh alternative to monarchy.

I didnt ask about the religion I asked why they kept posting onto other peoples posts to promote content. Its advertising.

And telling me I should join isnt educating me. It’s just being bossy. By ben


Yeah I like in game rp. I have my own opinions but I support having yhe religion. but I dont really think is appropriate to advertise. That’s just me


Yep, it’s evangelicalism : ). Having a religious war would also be fun, just sayin’, especially if The Apocalypse comes out on mobile.


Ok fair enough though, I’ll stick to me own posts about Kyom