The boar, the dark society, and the worthiest heroes

Here is the true story: little girl bb is born in a small town. Her mom says hmmm I don’t like this one. Let’s kill it. And she runs off for a bit and the bb girl is starving.

Suddenly she comes back and says jk! But the girl does not forget. The bb girl announces that she is making a group called the Dark Society.

Her mom has another bb girl, and the girl says kill it mom, join the dark side. Feel the power. And the mom actually does starve her bb to death this time. Afterwards another bb girl is born, but she joins the dark society as a bb and so does not get killed.

After yet another bb girl is born, named sacrifice, and thrown on mosquitos and killed

The mom is now obsessed with bb killing

At that point, someone got a boar to the village (a domestic one)

The ppl alive are the girl, her older sis, her younger sis, and some of their bbs.

Over a period of years, despite the girl telling her kids that the boar is dangerous, don’t go on it, all her kids keep getting killed except for her oldest son.

All the bbs of her siblings are killed too

Finally, after a period of years, the girl is 35 and she wants this to end.

The sis in the dark society, has been killed, and the other suddenly has a bb girl. The girl decides to do one final sacrfice for the boar. She grabs the bb girl and puts her on the boar. In the confusion, her sis gets killed as well.

Then, finally, her son kills the boar with an arrow

And as she is 36, she gets a bb girl.

That girl is named Hope but seems to be afk.

She tells the whole story to the bb girl and the bb girl laughs and says those bbs were not worthy. And the son is remembered as a legendary hero for slaying the beast, and the bb girl grows old to 60 and the village goes on. And sure enough, out of the generation of the bbs of the 3 sisters, 15 ppl died young mostly by the boar. Only the oldest son and last daughter of the Dark Society girl survived, and they are really good and develop the village quickly.

And the final message of the girl is

To all who know the story, of the dark secret, of the formation of the dark society, of the killer pig. And to those 2 worthy heroes who survived and thrived after the pig was slain by the boy of destiny, good luck.

And here is the reply of the daughter of the girl when she died (on the chronicle): The dark society may have ended with you, but the babies didn’t stop dying. Natural selection was our greatest weapon.


Another true story from today:

Born into a village was a bb girl. The town was smallish but had a farm and some tools. There were so many ppl about 15 or 20 and so many bbs that ppl were saying we have too many bbs. But shortly after the bb girl turned 9 yrs old, a bear wandered into the town. And over the next 15 yrs, it was chaos. It was killing off all the bbs in town. And at some point the girl saw a bb named John whose mom had been bit by the bear, and she promised to him that she would save him. And sure enough, she kept her promise as she managed to kill the bear and John was alive. She fed him and kept him safe while she was making arrows. However, here was the aftermath of the bear attack. Every single bb, including her first bb girl, except for her and John was eaten by the bear or starved in the chaos. So they were all alone. She made a hat and coat out of the bear, and soon she got 2 more girl bbs. She told them the story of the bear and of the bear coat and hat that were made from the bear that had killed more than 15 bbs. And she died the girl said that John was going to be the new leader. Her bb girls said that they loved her. She was happy to see that she had kept her promise to John, who was now almost 40 yrs old and alive and also that her 2 bb girls had lived and now had kids of their own who they were telling the story to. The town was repopulated, John lived to 60 and her bb girls lived to 59, and the bear attack had a happy ending and a legend that was passed down through generations. Some generations later they were attacked by another bear, but this time using the bow and 3 arrows they killed it quickly with only one casualty.