The chicken farmer aka goose farmer

I was a young girl had big dreams to do great thing’s but we all know you need to start small 5 years old i have gained the skill to breed chickens(goose if you dont know)and i keeped them alive and well till the point i chopped there head off but life is cruel remember everything isn’t i turn 15 i had my own kid i told her the way of chicken farming how to chop there heads off with a axe on a stump it wasn’t beautiful but we need to eat. yes we have pies but someone killed all the sheep goose is a safe live stock that stops griefers and when we run out of pies we will need as much chicken meat as possible .but 45 years of age i found out i had cancer i didnt have long to live but i didnt say nothing i keeped farming my chickens working helping my family my kids were the ones left to spread the last of are people. that chicken framing skilles were in there blood. if thing’s went bad and they needed food thats there hope if we have only goose and plants as a food source not many water resources so thats why goose was good . but still we did good as i was smiling helping people watching my daughter cook those chickens i felt a sharp pain i knew it was my time age 56 the cancer had its claws around me killing me slowly as i was about to die i said my last words to my kids i wished them good luck and as one more second past i droped not feeling nothing i was happy as i past out dying 56 years of my life was nice in the family i watched from the heavens i seen my kids working there butts off to live to the 21 generation .

It was a nice life .if you read this family tree im happy to say i helped are people to the 21 generation Yay :grin: