The End of my lovely city

I was eve coo, naive and all but dreaming about a place where everyone put their hearts in a small camp and makes it big. After searching far and wide I finally found the only place i could found water, i have a bad eve spiral. I had no choice to pick this dangerous place where a dangerous slithering creature roam this land, The Desert.

Finally my first child born, he can help me build this camp together. But, he decided to suicide. And so my other kid born but she die starving. And the other kid die of a snake bites. After losing my fourth child, i decided to playing solo. I manage to make klin and farm. But, i was already in my end of my age, and so i die old.

My next spawned i decided to play solo again. I have three kids that i abandoned. But after seeing my fourth child running into me begging for feed, it melt my heart so i pick her up. She grew big and strong and independent. She’s my only kids but from her i have a lovely grandchild.

We need iron, so i off finding it. I notice an iron vein (later i mine the vein). I bring home 4 iron wrought which my grandchildren applause me. They make tool of it. And in my last age, near the end, my daughter comes to me and said “you are a good mother, mom.”. I felt terrible because I was going to abandon her before.

I’m offline for a few hours and come back to notice that my camp has grown into village. We have sheep. We have farm. We have well. We have more tool. I born again as an eve unnotice by everyone. They thought i was their children but the truth i was a new eve in town. I help them, i have son who is newbie. He want to learn, so I teach him farming. I go north to found the iron vein. Nobody touched it so i decided to mine it. But alas, my phone die and so i am. My eve spawned deleted because i die starving. I don’t know how this village will survive without eve? What will happen if suddenly there’s a griever killing everyone? I can’t restore the village again.

But i was wrong. The village proving itself that they can lived without eve. It still lives, but not growing. I don’t know why it not growing but that’s okay. I born as baby in this town. I met my newbie son. I told him that I was his mom. And i teach him how to make a well. He thanked me and i feel proud.

I see an uncle build something, i offer him my help. I collect big rock for him and finally it finnish before he dies. He didn’t thank me but that’s okay.

I went off and come back a few hours later. I’m surprised to know that my village is still alive. My mom neglected me but luckily an uncle help me. After I big, i collect the remaining iron from the mine. Someone else have the same plan so we now have many iron wrought.

He was planning to make car but he’s in his late age. So we canceled it. He then go to the building that i make with an uncle in previous life. He said “nice building”. I don’t know why but i asked him “did you build this?” and he said “yes”. What a coincidence, we meet again. “i was the girl who help you.” i said. And he said “really? Wow. If it not because of you, i wouldn’t make it in time.” and finally i got my thank you from him.

I asked him why he build it and he said “idk maybe for kitchen.” and when he die, i make his dream come true. I make that building into a kitchen in my next life.

It was fine day were i making pie. Some girl had the idea to add flooring to the kitchen so i help her collect butt wood. And then 2 other people join us. We hand in hand adding floor to the kitchen. It was fun and when it done we feel proud of ourselves. But it didn’t last long.

A boy running to the kitchen shouting “BEAR!!!”. Quickly we all hid in the kitchen and close all door. But WTF, the bear can come in! We run away but many people die. I die.

I checked the family tree to see a surviver, none. But wait. There’s two surviver, a mother and her daughter. I go in observation mode, her daughter is still baby. Her baby is trying to say “i love you mom” but she didn’t know about the bear so the bear bite her. Oh no. Is it the end of my lovely village?

I stopped the observation mode and trying to get birth to the city. I try and try. Yes, I’m suicidal baby. After the third try failure. I checked the family tree and… That was it. My village has die. No surviver. The last lady die of starving in her 29. My village is ended.

18 generation help hand in hand build the town. And finally it end


Oh no…

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Oh well, all villages die eventually. Congrats for doing so well anyways. 18 generations and sheep from only three Eve spawns is a momentous achievement. My similar town called Jeremstone is barely into the Iron Age and hasn’t had a family last past generation 2. All the survivors tended to be boys, many dying young anyway. Apart from Jeremy, a faithful son I had in my first life. We all look up to you, Jeremy Twinen. If you get born into the town then that’s the first thing you’re taught: be like old uncle Jeremy.

Wasnt this the town i was in??? What was your family name?

That’s… wow

So sad… but good things must come to an end.

Wow that sounds great! Even though it ended because of a bear. I was just in a town, it had 20+ generations. I feel like I didn’t do too much, but I found some iron and made shears and a drop spindle. I hope to see the town grow like yours.