The evil bison

(A old story about a wholesome town from 1 or 2 months ago, cant remember, maybe 3 months)

I was born in a village that I had previously worked on. It had a stone house that I built and a nice farm going. I was thrilled to see that it was still here and thriving, and wanted to keep improving upon it.

When I was of age I began looking around to see what my familiy needed and saw a animal pen. It was divided into two areas with a smaller pen at top and a bigger one at the bottom. There was sheep in it, but no bison or cows (there were pigs in the pen at some point too but cant remember if they were there before cows or after). I decided to try to get some, so I looked around for a bow, some arrows, and rope. (We also had ducks in a narrow middle pen, 2-3 of them)

After I could hold a bow and had the stuff I needed I went north in search of a bison. Some of my familiy helped me get one and we dragged the calf to the pen. We watched the calf grow and got our first bucket of milk. For me, this was my first time getting milk and cows. I noticed that a short while after I got whole milk it turned yellow, so I used a bowl on it which gave me cream and skim milk.

A little experimenting later, I had a bowl of butter and went crazy. Butter on bread was the new trend, I made tons of it and everyone loved it. I decided to bring some of it into the stone house along with some milk and noticed that the pen had a LOT of dead cow babies in there. “Eh,” I thought, “They will probably despawn soon”.

I was so wrong.

My brother was at the farm and tending the crops, I had no more bread so I was making dough. We only had a small amount of compost left so I went to go feed a sheep for dung. This was around the time I realized something was wrong. The whole pen was CLUTTERED with dead cows and the animals had trouble moving. I tried to move a few out but the bison kept having more kids while looking at me with a angry look. Eventually I just fed the sheep and hoped the dead cows would despawn soon.

A minute later after talking to my mom (who was quite old) I went back to the pen to see that nothing was moving and the sheep I fed had wool. I looked at the ground around it and saw no poop. I checked again a second time, still no poop. I ran to my family to tell them that poop wouldnt spawn cause the bison kept having too many kids. At this point our berry farm was starting to die and we had run out of soil. One of my siblings tried to feed another sheep to no avail. The bison wanted us to all starve.

We were trying to figure out how to remove the dead cows and stop the bison from killing us all. All of us were living off of cow milk and whatever food we had left. I managed to get the bison to walk into the smaller pen but it wouldn’t walk out of the pen cause of all the moved dead cows outside. At the dying farm I was talking to my sibling trying to figure out what to do when my sister ran over saying she got the bison out. We were saved! The famine was over and we got sheep dung, meanwhile the evil bison was walking around creating a huge trail of dead cows in its wake. But I didn’t care about the bison, all I cared about was butter on bread.


Fun story!

Your perception of time is a bit off though. The Bison first appeared on August 16th, so exactly three weeks ago today. :smile:

In data version 131, a calf will despawn in five minutes, so you will no longer have this problem after you update your app version. Enjoy!

When you go through so many lives, I guess time starts to unravel…:upside_down_face:

Awesome story! :+1: