The first spawn- Ohol Journals

I am starting a series of journals on a single person town, no children will be kept until further notice. My name will consistently be Liz Solo, I will begin my journey to create a town 100% out of eve spawns.

This will continue until I feel I am bored or finished doing it alone. These will be called the OHOL Journals and will encompass what happened. what it looks like. How. When. And why.

Thanks for anyone’s support :heart:

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Ok u got 2 maybe 3 hours for it gl

I’m unsure what your implying

Sins update eve spawns stoped working

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if you want to have other eves in your city you have to build a bell tower within 1 or 2 weeks. otherwise the „eve spawn spiral“ will be to far away for other eves to come to your city.

the eve respawn system is broken because of the last update. so you have only the time of 2-3 eves to make your town anyway. after that you will be in a other location.

and by the way. which server are you playing on?

If eve spawns work u can get to anytown even if it takes u cople life times u can make it a trip that takes a day

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yes indeed you can :slight_smile:. but as eve far away of town you have to have one of these:

  • good communication with the other eve, so she knows when to ring the bell
  • or a horse
  • or a car

What do you mean?

if spire is playing without anybody else, she will only have her eve spawn and respawns. so she will only have 2-3 hours to bulid her town. since the new update you wont have infinite eve respawns anymore. so what ben was saying is, she should not be frustrated for losing her town after 2-3 hours.