The Gedoski/Seed Family - My Story


I was just an Eve, wandering around and looking for a good place to settle, when all of a sudden, behind a tree, I found a village in shambles. Nobody appeared to be living in the village, and it seemed like nobody had lived in the village for a while, because the berry bushes were dying, and the baskets had all decayed, or turned floppy.


Out of the blue, a baby boy popped out of my stomach, I got really excited to tell him how I found the village! When I told him, he was really interested, and got to work helping with the berry farm and making new baskets. I set up a home marker, made some rope, had a ton of babies, and as the years went by, the village was now a bustling mini city.


I kept on having babies, all of my kids began to have babies, and items were scattered everywhere. My oldest and smartest kids began to smith, and then I realized how much progress had been made in the village. If I had never found that village, this story would’ve never happened.


I spawned back into the village as an Eve. Tons of progress was still being made. The villages population peak had to be at least a dozen. When I told my favorite daughter and everyone else that I was back, they all cheered! My last name was Seed, and I had a couple babies that I named random things. Nothing new happened. The village just kept growing, mainly the berry farm. One of my older children from the previous life had made a steel axe and a shovel. People began to make fence kits and were smithing like crazy. The forest that had once been near the village had been completely chopped down, someone made a bow and arrow, babies were being born at the speed of light, and everything was well, for now…


The village overall began to decline, mainly because we had basically used up so many resources and had made so much stuff that we pretty much didn’t know what to do now. The remaining Gedoskis and Seeds began to die of old age or starvation (we had plenty of food at the time). Eventually, I died of old age too, but…

Reincarnation 2

Not long after, I spawned back into the village, had a couple of babies, and they made a little progress. Then I got bit by a wild boar and died, along with my children…

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