The Givemeabeer family

Dear Billy, my youngest,
You were a great son. I had bad Internet so I couldn’t swallow the last berry and died of startvation at age 59. Sad.
I wanted to say goodbye to you. I had a great life. I spawned in a great location. We have all the recourses we need and plenty of foods. You have two big sisters who you never met because they died young. And your big brother Jackson. He was working so hard but maybe the fact that we had no girls devastated him, he died all of a sudden.
And you Billy. I’m delighted when I hear you say you’re gonna continue to work even we are doomed just for me. I’m glad I made u a pair of pants before I died. That makes me feel like a mother.
My biggest regret is that I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to you. I just checked and you are still alive at age 40! I know I raised you right.
I hope one day an eve will walk into your life and you’ll have a happy ending to your life.
I’m proud of you son!
Your Mom Chelly Givemeabeer

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