The great adventure

I was born in the Cypress family, my mom was Swizard. My name was Cypress Cypress. A few years after I was born, Bob vs Evil, my brother, was born (great names, Swizard). We were the only 2 boys in the village, since all my moms other children were girls, so we decided to leave home and find the Belltown. We ran for a while, having nice conversation on the way. I told him about the forum, and the alliance, and he said he would try to join the forum and the alliance as well. Things weren’t all easy though, We lost a basket and I got yellow fever, but we pushed through. But just as I told him the name of the story about our adventure I was going to write, he starved typing. I was shocked for a moment, but I remembered that my brother wanted to find a town. So I emptied my basket, put him inside, and continued on. We walked for a couple more years, and then We found a small town, with semi fresh skeletons! I was excited, but then I realized I wanted to find better. I only had a couple year left, so I set out. But alas, I couldn’t find food in time, so I starved holding the basket with him inside. I hope you join us Bob!!- FoxVe/ Molly.

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I am very glad to hear! I saw the family tree and we survived for a long time after Me and bob left.

this is what my bro wrote after he died. I am on the lookout, just in case he remembers to check the forum for me.