The Greatest Family ever

In the begging their was only one Me, Blaze Jenifer I had many children, many died from starvation. To myself I was thinking after I die the whole small village would be lost to time but their was one child and one child alone who survived the great famine her name was Rose Jenifer. She was able to survive and give birth to her own family and create the mini village into a bigger village with farms and tons of food, she had many kids but again one one survived, it appears only the strong are only able to survive in my family and the girl who survived was named Amber Jenifer. Amber was the final women in the blood line and when I spawned in and saw how she created everything! I remember when I first created the Billings it only had a few berry bushes and a kiln with items spread across the ground and with her she was able to have many farms and food for everyone but atlas every thing good must come to a end, with here being in her old age she was able to only have to 2 children both boys, me being one of those boys. I thanked her for what she has done and bringing the village forward and no backwards. And I say again thank you to all of my children who brought the villains far, I am proud of each and everyone of you. Hopefully my children can see this so we can communicate and build a even better villiage!

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