The Issue With This Games Society

So overall the game does have some flaws. Like the fact you need to milkweed to start from the ground up and yet there is never enough and when there is people destroy the land.

The last of us have been in the beginner server and yet no one is teaching or learning or making structure.

Everyone steals. Doesnt think about the whole and thinks about themselves. Instead of starting a milkweed farm they use it till it’s gone. Instead of maintaining a farm they eat all the food and then leave it for someone else to do.

Its getting ridiculous. He mosquitos are unnecessary. We have things that can kill us what is the point of one more.

The app is dying out slowly but surely. I mean I’ve seen the 200 of us but only qhen special events happen.
To many trolls. Not enough focused members who want to have fun and create something for the future.

I did accidentally start a trend though. So I randomly named a girl princess and now the entire server is doing the queen and princess and crown thing. XD I’m gonna try to start another monarchy and lay down rules . As well their name will be their task. But they will decide their task which is fair.

Anyway, if anyone sees someone named Rosemary that is me.


True…this game is a mess, good concept tho, and a lot of people seems to care about it or they wouldnt be so vocal, game developers should really consider this complaints more seriously, the community in the pc version might be stronger and the game actually playable but in the mobile version like you said we struggle to even beggin the game, as soon as the town starts growing and more ppl show up, most of them just roam around consuming everything we prepared, and destroyng the fun for the more serious players, and that leads to stupid aguments and consequences, yesterday for ex, i joined one person in the eu1 server and we started a settlement, the milkweed like Fablemoon said is always scarce, so i had previously made a milkweed farm, and as the familly started growing suddently there was a lot of random stuff on the floor anywhere, no more milkweed planted, and then i see one guy already fully clothed (when we still hadnt made bellows), i see him making a lasso, and i got angry, i asked him why he did that and he told me it was for the horse! And i asked why do you want the horse NOW? And he just kept doing what he was doing and ignoring me, so i cursed him, and what did he do? Went to get the bow and arrow he had hidden, all made with the milkweed i spent my whole life planting…so i think this game is indeed dead already at least for me, if at least we would be able to use the eve dying of old age thing to spawn back after we die, which is supposed to be a feature of the game, at least then, i could play the game the way i wanted, but nope…theres a glitch that seems to be too hard to fix for some reason :slight_smile:


I agree 100%percent.

The same things happened to me. They made random stuff for horses or this girl kept making a fire and wasting wood when we didnt even have a oven yet and were focusing on getting stock piled.

I’m glad I have something in common with someone.
Anyway, it’s still a great game besides the community it has. And so I will keep playing even if its hopeless.

I actually walk off as a man sometimes just so no one will mess up my stuff. I made a huge milkweed farm and a good base camp. And later I spawned there as a baby.

The milkweed was gone.
Everyone was doing whatever. And it was just…great to see a hours worth of work to make a camp for someone lucky had been destroyed. But it is just a game so shrugs

Have a nice day Pestana


Thats sad but its kinda funny XD