The jap servers

I went to a jap server i loved that there citys and people were working together they have crates of knifes bows everthing laying around kids holding knifes men and women holding bows they dont hurt each other they make things we havent they have cars they have skiles they have love we cant give i seen a mother take care of 7 kids as they were given to here to take care of.they are the true leaders of one hour on life i was in one they had 32 gen us americans or english people only maid it to 24 as an average .us english only kill when we have weapons laying around but its allways a way to grief in are head kill sheeps on a beginners server break items. remember that everthing is not nice maby on jap server they have one or two grifes but not any killings but everone thats english murder or just hide stuff its good people but its also bad the more of us english in one server faster u are a grief magnet we all did stuff bad once kill ,grife sheeps ,and hide stuff, destroy items but u always have times were u enjoy the game without the murder


:slight_smile: i think alot of the reason jap servers have less griefing is there are more people. The curse system works for them. In English servers we rarely have a town with enough experienced players to curse a griefer into dtown.


Yes they are very efficient everyone has a job and does it well. Multiple bells I made it into a mega city week after I last played to see them connect three towns each with its own bells. Multiple cars and gas everywhere. I lost a few trying to see other towns and bells but they had so many it was replaced right away.

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I know its like one day when they make more tek its going to be just people giving others jobs to people haveing milk men in cars delivering milk and people haveing mail and some peopel can just have a future house talking to family .they can relax and do nothing there is no working or u will die any more there maby going to be a self growing gardens grab the fruits and feed your self.maby just work at a super market and just give foods no growing or nothing and having a dog near you resting at a fire and chill just a normal life not running or mudering or just finding soil all day make your kids have a happy life. (Talking about the Japanese server)

That defeats the purpose of the game completely but OK. As Jason said: “there will never be a point in the game where you will be relaxed and happy, there will be always something to do”

Sounds like an Ohol Utopia. And while Bluebird is right about how it kind of defeats the games purpose, it would be nice to relax every few lives. Besides if I was doing a useful job in all that then it wouldn’t be besides the point at all. I wonder why these Japanese servers are so good at this game compared to everyone else : ). This sounds far better than even the PC worlds with their superior population.

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Is there any way to access these servers for an English user?

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Main language turn it to Japanese

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