The last carrot

I was 29 years old, I was the farmer, I just done 4 baskets of carrots leaving none left to grab.

My mother takes one basket and I just thought she was gonna feed a pack of people, so I let her go. My brother (Johnny) took a basket, and another one, so I was just like ‘maybe he’s gonna search for a new village.

So there it was, the last basket of carrots. This Tim my cousin takes the basket so I ask him ‘what are you gonna do with that?’ He replies ‘feed your brother’, so now I had a suspicion on my brother, I thought he was going to another village, but I let it slide.

A stranger comes with a basket and takes the three out of five carrots left to seed, he ran off so I try to chance him down, but I lost sight of him and go back to the farm.

There was one carrot left so I grab a knife from a murder that when down a while a go that I hid, and protect the last carrot.

My cousin comes back and comes towards the carrot so I chance him, but I let him live, I go back and I see my brother running to get the carrot, he grabs it and eats it a soon as he could, I stabbed him and boy I do not regret it, we ran out of food there for our people start to die out.

My brother dies in front of me, and I die as we’ll as the village

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A gruesome story, thanks for sharing.
Please post a link to your family tree as well, so we can look at how it turned out?

I will kill anyone who takes any carrots out of my last row.

  • If there are no carrots harvested and only one: starve
  • If there is a farm full of carrots ready for harvest: you may help harvest. Just leave 1 row.
  • If there are baskets full of carrots: you may take 1 carrot or fill a backpack. Leave the baskets. The farm needs them.

These 3 rules are law and I will enforce them with blood. Then parade the bloody knife through town telling of how the person who would have us starve is now dead.


Wow you sound familiar have you played with any YouTubers i think you ran through the village as you died of old age saying the twilight is upon you and the children are the future