The legacy of Eve West / de-normal-2

Today I spawned as an Eve and I thought: so far, no West families have showed up… so why don’t I start one? And so, a young woman, which named herself Eve West, started a family that lasted 8 generations. Before she named herself, she gave birth to a beatiful baby she named First. Sadly, after the clay bowls were made, First died at the age of 12. Eve spent some years alone and then another baby girl was born. She named her Lisa, and she didn’t match with Eve’s skin color (I sound racist) , but Eve loved her no matter what.
Eve’s carrots had grown, so finally the small family had a food source. When Eve was around 59, a grandchild was born. Luis. Eve was in tears, she had waited for Luis so long. Unfortunately Eve died of old age. But she died knowing that the family would last countless generations.

The future generations would call her “Grandma West”.
Whoever was in this family, please say it!!!

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I was 2 times in this family :slight_smile:
Build a great village!

Link Miranda

Link nameless

Please post the family link, guys. Always nice to be able to browse :slight_smile:


I was Luis West. It was the best family I had and my mother with whom I created this village together. :grin::+1: :sleepy: