The life in a big city

This is a story about the life in a city and also shows a bit of the new event.

A girl was born to a eve in a big city and she was named ‘Love’. She tried to escape meny times, but it didnt work. Everyone was scared for the bear attacking the city. But one time it worked. She ran and her mom came after her. She ran past the bear heading towards her mom. She ran and ran and ended in a desert.
She was hungry. She saw food but was still 2. But she turned 3 fast and survived. Another bear came past by. She was scared it wil head for the city and attack people. So she made 3 arrows and a bow.
One arrow hit the bear and she headed back for more arrows.
But suddenly she heard crying and she got a daughter. ‘Its time to return’ the mom said. ‘Follow me’. Then the girl was named ‘Luca’.
She followed her watching her looking for the bear. But it was lost. She was growing fast and she turned 3.
‘Stay here’ the mom said and she searched for the bear again. But then a baby ran to her.
It was her son she didnt notice. He was named Nick.
She gave up with searching the bear and hoped it was gone.
She ran back to her daughter with the bow and arrow. But she lost her son. But there was a girl suddenly, standing with het son. They befriended eachother and the son turned 3. She hoped her daughter was still there and she listened, she still was there. They all headed to the city. The mom of the 2 kids was hungry but the eve was also. She gave her food to her.
Then they found the city. They where very suprised.
The mom of the mom of the 2 kids was found to. They all lived happely in the city. The end? No, she left the arrows and the bow and the bear was still there. So she headed back with a cart. But sadly she watched her son at the graveyard which died. The graveyard boy only working with putting graves there put him in a corner. But she had to go on. She found the bear and killed it. But then she got a girl. ‘Follow me’ the mom said, but the daughter ran away. She put the arrows and the bow in the cart and headed back. She got a nice boy. She raised her and he was named Simon.
She allready got grandkids. But they died. Love died to and her mom was allready dead. And only Simon was left in the family.


Tragedy! :open_mouth:

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