The Lovelace and Smitch family

  1. Lovelace family

  2. Smitch family

Both lived in the same village, both founded by me.
Also I’d like to know what Penny Lovelace did, and why Lena, Elisa and James Lovelace suicided. (I TOLD YOU TO BRING SHEEP, WE DIDN’T NEED PIGS).

If you were in any of these families, please reveal yourself!

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I was Sol Smitch, your son. Also I was Priority Lovelace. Just so you know, I was responding to Penny who said she would stay til she had a daughter. I said “ cool” to her not to you dying. Thanks for getting so pissy so quick.


oh… Sorry for that. I exaggerated it

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The name Lovelace and smitch remind me of the movie lilo and stitch

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