The magic word "please"

Due to the limited of characters speaking, i often neglected this word. English wasn’t my native and my native didn’t use this word often. Sometimes, i tell people to do things without saying “please” because simply, there’s no room for other letter. Some of them fine with it. Other get offended.

And sometimes i don’t use it because i was in a hurry. Like the time i was planning to feed sheep so it can get birth to new lamb. So i can feed the lamb to get sheep’s dung. i see a girl already grabbing a shear in her hands so. I told her “don’t cut the fur” without the words “please”. I’m afraid that by the time i finish typing, she might already cut the wool, so i don’t want to use long words. So i type short and to the point. She get offended and say “say please.”
“say please if you want me to do something.”

She right tho. Maybe, I should say please more often.

What do you guys think?

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You shouldn’t have to say it.


Shouldn’t i?

You can say “PL” at the end. Most of us will read it as please.


I think it’s the polite thing to do, but it was rude of her to require it. I tend to use a quick “pls” first to get someone’s attention, then make my request.


Say pls instead.


Yah pls will work best