The Mistakes Of This World, chapter one, the beginning

At first there was nothing, just darkness, a void, until one day I voice spoke “let there be light”, those were the words that changed everything, all of a sudden a light shone across what was once a void, each day the voice would speak again shaping the void in land, and turned thin air into seas and rivers that raced through the lands and specks of dust into whit fluffy clouds (Which are three things we never see in the game, the sky for obvious reasons but also no big body of water like lakes rivers or seas, we don’t even see a little stream of water Christoffer explain) he turned thin specks of dirt into seeds and watched the land start to flourish with plants, he created fish that filled the seas and birds that soared through the skies, he created fierce beats like bears and(domesticated pigs)snakes as well as ones that were nice and would do no harm(and some that if you get touched by them you scream in rage because now you drop your basket and once the effects wear off you have eat what ever you can find or you’ll die which breaks your +11 yum chain!!!, I hate mosquitoes) on the last day he created a different kind of animal, one which would rule over all other forms of life, he created a human, but unlike what most think he didn’t make two, he only made one, the voice named her eve, and taught her and cared for her, until she was 16 and able to take care of her own. Chapter two coming soon


Lol trying to create a creation myth?

Well anyways Cristoffer has expressed before that he is working on a way to get water in the game but because the game doesnt exactly support that it may take a really long time or it may never actually happen.

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No I’m not trying to create a creation myth I’m trying to create a story

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