The Nameless Family - goodbye mom

It was in Singapore Server where my mom - a young eve had me. She’s Nameless, she even didn’t named me too. Nevertheless, she’s decided not to abandoned me and raise me. After circling around my birth place, she decided to claim my birth places as our homes.

After I’m 3 yo. I jump from my mother hands and starts working. I collect weed while my mom adventure to North. She’s come back with a bad news, there’s a bear North, lots of them. We decided to stall our work and begin to makes weapon. We make 4 arrow, a little too much but that’s okay. After we’ve done, my mom pick the bow because I was still too young to pick it myself. I pick a basket full of arrow and follow her.

We run north and spot a bear. It was close to our death because there’s nothing on the ground. I drop my basket and hiding behind it. My mom drop her bow and run to collect a rock. When she comes back, we’re ready. She shoot the bear one, I give her another arrow right next to her. She shoot again. It was a nice teamwork. After the bear goes down, so am I. I’ve starve to death. My mom sad.

Luckily, I’m born again and this time as her daughter. After I grew 3, she leaves me home while she continued to killed the bear. I do my home chores. Not long after she’s comes back and told me she had killed all the bear. Now, we both can work together to build home. She’s prepared the farm while I’m prepared the bowl.

Not long after, my mom’s goes south. I didn’t hear from her again, she’s gone and really leaves me alone.

Family tree


Your mom was killed by a wild boar with piglet.

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Yeah, I know. I found her corpse east. Later I have daughter but she died too. I live until 40 then decided to suicide since I didn’t have heritage.

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Getting weeds huh here it is written that it is marijuana