The problem in US-beginner server now!

These days players like me and my friends sometimes can not be born in the US-beginner server or Kr-beginner1 server for a reason called “Too many guest players” .
Maybe there is something wrong with the servers that needed fixing ,or just because the servers can not afford too many players at a time.Since there are more players in these servers ,it’s kind of u to increase the space capacity of these servers in order to have more players in there at the same time.

There are some example pictures


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This is how it works:

  • You are considered a guest if your language is set to a different one than the server’s main language.
  • To make communication possible, and avoid a server being “taken over” by players who don’t speak the main language for that server, the ratio of guests is limited (versus non-guests).

If you do speak English, then you can set your language to English and join the us server(s) as a non-guest. Likewise with Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc…


It really works!Thanks!
(Because I use English but my friends not, they often meet this problem but I never met.What u explain made me understand the special rule. :smiley: