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At first everything was dark… But suddenly, darkness vanished and Jak was born. The world; Jak thought. The first thing he saw was his mother, breastfeeding him. The second, his grandmother, watering the bushes. On a far future, Jak would miss these days. 3 years passed and Jak was an infant. However, Jak wasn’t yet Jak, since her mother didn’t name him. He asked his old grandmother to name him, and granny said “You are Jak” and Jak carried his name with pride since then. A few years passed and Jak’s grandmother was dying. Jak fed her when her old mind forgot to eat, helped her to farm; and when her time came, she said her last words: “Keep this place going” and dropped dead to the ground. Jak mourned a lot, he even thought of joining granny in the “afterworld”. But life kept going, so Jak buried his grandmother’s corpse behind a Juniper tree and continued his life. By that point, Mom had a child and named her money, a girl. Mom died the instant after naming her. Jak wasn’t too affected by Mom’s death, he didn’t have the same connection he had with granny. Jak buried Mom somewhere, and completely forgot of her existence. Jak had to feed her young sister, and he did so, until the infant Abby (Jak gave her this nickname) could feed herself. Many years passed, and Jak was 22. He wanted to get iron for the forge, so he told her sister he would be out. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years passed… Jak came home with his hands empty, but excited to come back home and see if Abby gave birth to a niece or a nephew. Then Jak saw her. “Sis!!” “I’m so glad to see you!!” Jak gave her a hug. No response. Jak then realized: she is comatose. Soon Jak knew this was not the usual comatose, as Abby wouldn’t die of starvation. Many years passed and Jak thought that he went crazy. He thought that he was hallucinating. He thought the body he gave a hug, was rotting behind some tree. Jak went actually crazy when he crafted a bow and arrow. He needed to know… if Abby is actually alive. And when he was about to “kill” Abby, she vanished. Jak looked for her. Jak looked for her for years. Then Jak realized he was getting old, he just hit 50. He then hunted 2 gooses and cooked them. Jak said: “If one day I eat the whole goose, that means i’m old and dying, or I don’t have a reason to live” “And if one day you eat the whole goose, I will be in peace”. Of course, nobody could hear him. When he hit 55 he reunited his grandmother’s bones and others so they could watch him joining them. Then… Jak ate the whole goose. Darkness again, but this time… eternal

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I have experienced this phenomenon before. She was my mom. She stood by the forge for about 15 years. I also tried to put her to rest with a bow. I tried shooting her 3 times and each time the arrow simply landed on the tile in front of her. Another couple years pass and she finally wakes up as if nothing happened. I asked her about it and she said that she didn’t notice anything strange. At the time I assumed lag was the reason and went about my work.

Click on the link icon next to you in the family tree section of the app. Then select “copy”, then paste it here.

Wow… so all the time I shouted “SISTER WAKE UP” she saw me shout :open_mouth:?

I don’t think so. My mom had no memory of me trying shoot her or the many attempts at talking with her. Its kinda like she skipped over that time while we experienced it.

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Then it is supposed to ask you if you want to “open in app” with 2 clickable options. One cancels and the other should redirect you to the app. Make sure your device allows such actions.

ok i have no idea. I copied it into the clipboard but it keeps leading to the forum

I think it is required that it be pasted to and clicked from this forum in order to work.

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