The story of Lady Lost

i one day was playing and kind of getting bored. And was thinking about not playing as much anymore but i was born to someone who called themself “Lady Lost” probably one of the best people i’ve met in the game so far. Anyways she was showing me her town and her project to build a lake around the whole town… And i like this idea and we both decided we would rebirth to the town together and play together. I had a blast. We made a lovely town and i got to watch the town grow. Anyways i feel kind of bad about this but we both promised to bury eachother after we would die we would know it was eachother by dieing in a certain spot… well we saw eachother and then she dies of old age. I went to bury her and my somtimes dumb self forgot about my hunger bar. So i died right before i got to fully bury her. So now i think i just made it so neither of us will spawn back unless some random person is kind enough to bury both of us.

Lady lost if you see this i hope you are good and sorry.


Maybe you should invite her to the forum. :slight_smile:

Yes i seen her yesterday lol. I buried her today but i went bear hunting and died in middle of no where. Hopefully i can get there again lol😂

i will next time for sure

yes lol i said only a few things

  1. Hi
  2. I said “ur mom gay” randomly
  3. I said once “is anyone there” but i didnt really wait that long lol

Yes, i told her about the forum today. Maybe she will take a look at it lol :laughing: suprised she found me where i died lol

Maybe send her an invite VIA email.

Now we are letting people live there after some time.
I met someone named swizard from forums lol

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Update: someone put a lock on a door there that wasnt supposed too so i couldnt get in and died. Failed to bury her. I feel super bad she worked extremely hard on it

Update again somehow i spawned back to the town buried both our dead so hopefully she can come back it had been days so not sure if she started a new town or not. We will see i guess.

Also i had to destroy part of the wall so i could get in so i stopped having babies there again.