The sweet life as a mother in Japan-1 server

Today I decided to play “You are hope”, but since European and American servers didn’t have many players I didn’t want to join them because I wasn’t looking to build a city.

I joined Japan-1 and waited to grow up and start doing something. I don’t really remember what I did though. But I do remember raising my kids, my 7 lovely kids. Sadly 3 of my children starved to death before they were 10 since I didn’t keep my eye on them when they were older than 3. Sorry for that Aki, Ryo and Takashi.
But it was always such a nice feeling when I saw them grew older, I even had 4 grandkids, one whom I gave my sweater to too.

I was always so happy when they thanked me or typed a heart.
Even though most of them couldn’t speak much English it made me happy.
I love you all.
Takashi, Akira, Sudo, Sashi, Saki, Ryo and Aki💕
You may remember me by my mostly blue clothes and ginger hair.

Now that you’ve heard my story I highly encourage you to look after your kids, even if it’s in a massive camp or city it’s always nice to see your kids.

Have a great day!*