The tail of the scribbles and the bear

I was born Dine Scribble. We had a thriving village, I had spent a few lives there. We had everything. We had just started building walls and a bell tower. Life was looking good…

One day I was make a fence because I had located a horse I wanted to tame. I had just gotten enough milkweed for a lasso that I hid behind a tree. I was passing through town to grab a pie for the journey when. Someone ran in front of me. Sadly their shirt was covered in blood. She spent her dying moments warning us of a bear attack. I vowed to avenge her and tried to lead the bear out of town. I succeeded but at a terrible cost, in the initial panic my family was killed. Being the only survivor I did what I had to. I picked up the bodys and placed them in their own little graveyard just to the south of town. I used the milkweed from before to make a bow and arrow. But still needed more arrows to kill a bear. I wanted a rug to place on my family’s grave. So I put 3 pies in my backpack and set off. I was able to find enough for 1 rope and 1 milkweed before my daughter was born. I named her Alpha Scribble, because she was the first to be born after the disaster. I tell her to follow. We are easily 300 tiles from home. When we make it back I tell her about what happened. Luckily she was one of the victims and made it back. She was my aunt. After she’s grown. I set off to finish my arrows, but the bear was waiting just outside town. I got bit. Bleeding out I run to my daughter and tell her to take the pies. With my vision fading I am horrified to see that I just had another daughter.

Alpha Scribble, I hope you were able to keep your sister alive and save the family line.

she shot the bear once then the bear got angry and killed her and I was a baby and I couldn’t feed myself and that was the for the villge I had a good time in that villge I spent a few lifes

Oh hey I remember that family line! I was the eve (Quirky Scribble) and rebirthed five times after that. I think my last or second to last time was as Dierna Scribble, I ran into camp screaming “HOLY JESUS A BEAR”. I was old and starved so I dont think anyone heard me, and everyone perished :frowning: