There are people east

I started as an Eve, but when I got old, all I had to show for it was a nice little farm and my sweet boy Paco. I was sad to leave him all alone, but then just before my time came, he returned to me all exited. There were people East! With my dying breath I bade him to join them and live a happy life. Dear Paco, I hope you met a nice girl (or boy).


I was Paco!

The people east of the rabbit area told me to go away, so I built up our farm and stocked supplies and food. I caught rabbits and skinned them, then made skewered rabbit for awhile. Anyone who came across our little home was well set up.

I was lonely, but I worked hard for your work to not be in vain. :heart:


Oh no! Those cold hearted bastards! I’m so sorry son, but you made me proud! :sob:


Hahaha…those people may have “donated” a snare. It’s all good.

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Lol snaged i mean "was donated a snare* lol good for you .3.


It’s so lovely!

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