This is weird - Code for town

Yesterday i founded this little village. it was small and charmful. today i respawened south east of it and found it quickly. i felt lucky. i had a daughter and a son. the son was the smith and the daughter gathered some iron in the wilderness and brought back a lovely grandchild. the town flourished and i had more grandkids.

but then they used some kind of code. every newborn had to know the code or it starved to death. i thought to my self „what is this code? i dont even know the code to my own town?“ after that i died and saw in the familytree people complaining about this code system they brought up.

heres the familytree:


Uhu i saw that too

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Thats… weird…

Probably got taken over as a Fellowship Controlled Town. That happens sometimes although not always with such a hard line approach to babies. In theory as you were the Eve of that line and usually in the Fellowship the Eve decides the town rules. I doubt they’d let you run the place but maybe if you explained you were the Eve they might at least give you the code. It varies between towns and the Eve running the town thing is more a guideline than an actual rule.

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We don’t use codes anymore at all, and most of us will start towns not take them over. This happened during the early stages while we were still developing our method.

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its an old post don‘t worry. the fellowship have their own towns.