This made my heart beat skippin so fast

This is my first time I encountered a griefer. A grandson whose name pies gi<3 griefted my village, he got pissed off by the “v****a fart” he received from his mother as I observed cuz I died I reborn again as an eve and told him to stop. But he told me I started it he misidentified me as his mom I think . I know this is just a game but this doesn’t feel good. :frowning: .I guess I will not left tools out, never again. And I will build a wall and lock the village. Only i will let my “you are hope game friends” in, let them play with me again and those trustworthy ones. Even 10 yr old people play this game so I understand that not all players will take things lightly, not having the emotional capacity to understand, not emotionally mature or I may say not emotionally intelligent enough not to take things lightly specially in game. But fortunately he didn’t saw my sheep pen cuz it is too griefable , have to remodel it. XD


Awww, I’m so sorry that happened.

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He was an afk bb at first…but then when he told his mom that he wanted to die his mom is like “yeah” and “v***** farted” to him…it is totally out of control now i dont trust afk bbs even the mom lol…maybe i’m gonna build a jail for afk bbs. Cuz some bbs are telling they wanna die but stealing items and went out of village…I’ve been good to new players, I’m treating them right with respect and even teach them although there are times I get mad if they are being unhelpful… And that griefer is not new, i think he is a pro xD. It’s like he is doing the griefing automatically, and knowledgeable in disassembling things…this kind of players are pro xD. I was really surprised how fast he is.

Oh god. Oh nooooo. I think a baby jail is a great and hilarious idea. Any babies afk lock them in there and collect their bones, like a goblin cave

:joy::joy::joy: yeah becuz we really don’t know what are their motives. If they really wanna die i will make jail with a bear inside.

This kind of reminds me my past moms who intentionally killed me…like one of them said “you die boy!!” It feels funny.:joy: And surprising.

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I hate when the babies wanna make u chase them. I just let them die. I’m tryna feed a village. I don’t have time to chase you smh

Yeah I did that too…