To R from US-1 Server

Hey R I just was reborn into my town and found your notes. My little town usually isn’t public, cause I am kinda lazy to install security systems like a wall around or hide and lock stuff… But since you already found it accidentally you are welcome to come back anytime and place a lily :slight_smile: we can even make a bigger project there if you want and build cars or and island or forest… or anything else. Just when you let ppl in maybe have an eye out for griefer pls.

Maybe you aren’t in this forum at all xD but if you read this - thanks for your notes


Wow! I love your organization… I thought I was good at organizing… But this looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Thank you :star_struck: I love when it’s organized!

In each box is a different type of stacked pies, always ready for a perfect yum chain

This is the rice island, not finished yet:


Oooo it’s exciting stories whenever ppl accidentally find our base and have a good relationship each other😍 I’v started creating base on the server, so I would be glad if I could visit your beautiful town from mine’s on US1 as well no kids!!

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