To the "a" Family

I must have arrived at the edge of your lovely little set up just after the last “a” family member died for she still had a name… Zoey.

I’d left my utterly dysfunctional home and wandered for a while when I happened upon that sweet place. Stew in a crock, a few languishing berry bushes, some iron, a lovely stew farm but THREE dang wolves in a small patch of badlands right next to the swamp.

I killed those wolves, cleared a bunch of trees in the swamp, made a new axe to replace the one that broke, used the adobe you had made to set up a cooking oven and tidied up a bit. I hope you find your home again and are able to grow it. It was a lovely ending for what started out as a frustrating life!

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That’s my farm. Lol. I had 3 wonderful life today. In the first one I was an Eve, (Sylar Uchiha). In the second one I was a ginger baby. And in the third I was Zoe A.

I was the farmer in all thouse three lives. I made stew in all of them.

Stew is the real efficient food source. That was my legacy.

Im glad that you found my place. I hope you took davantage of my farm. I died at old age, next to the stew, holding a clay bowl. I was having my last meal, after I had made an axe.

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I ate some of your delicious stew and would have expanded your stew farm a bit if I’d had time. I was old already when I happened across your homestead so I didn’t have much time. You did well!

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Thank you.
Im traying to do a little help every time I can. I usually concentrate as a Smith every time that a new village starts, because I used to think that it was more important to leave the stone age, asap, and people new how to farm. But this last couple days made me realize that the new players don’t even know how to eat…

Even with a freshly made stew, people still diying of hunger, just because they din’t know what was the stew for. Lol

Also: you are wearing my hat… lol


Pretty good life story!

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