Tutorial Escape

Today I was born into the tutorial to an eve who was trying to kill herself in the snake pit. She quickly grabbed me and we ran. She named herself “Tutorial Livingstone” and she named me “Eve” then she screamed “lets do this”. My job was clear. We went to the end and she set me down and asked “can you forge?” I happily proclaimed “yes” considering all the noobs running around lately. She then built the forge and we tried to make a couple things at the same time then we both realized we were in each other’s way. So I started making things a couple steps ahead. When she became overwhelmed with children she told me to make a smithing hammer. I could tell that she was experienced, but to what extent I am not sure. At that moment I fell into speedrun mode and let everything around me just happen. I finished the axe and mom announced to the children “almost there”. I suspect there was about 5 noobs running around at this point. Mom died right in front of me around this time. I stopped a moment and morned then got back to work. A couple minutes later I finished the shovel. I went to announce that “we’re free” but it was just me, my sister and my daughter left. We ate the last 2 remaining berries and left. The others seemed lost at what to do, so I told my sister to “grab a tool and come”. My daughter too young just followed. I lead them north to the next tutorial structure and cut the tree. We cleared the wood and I told her to dig. When we entered I went straight to the berry bush and ate in order to demonstrate why we had come. My daughter simply said “pro”. I went to take some fresh iron back to the forge, but a snake was hiding behind the wall and I died. I felt great though, I completed moms mission and helped my family survive even though I didn’t.

Family Line

If anyone is reading this who was there. Please announce you’re presence.


U wot I’m not nub. Also the babies were screaming f and you just let them starve

I was nick and Noah both lives a starved because of parent neglect

Yes I was letting them starve. We were locked inside with limited food. Its called population control. On a server with 21 players you will get way too many babies way too fast. Mom gave me a job. So I let her and survival of the fittest decide who gets out with me.

Good job LavishFox.
I was not part of this experience, but population control is required, especially in a situation like this!
Although I can understand Ben’s frustration :wink:
Thanks for this story!

Hi Eve, Nick, Noah, Tuga, Mark, Alfred, Mary, Lisa, Freedom… I am Mom. (and granny for others)
I’m sorry I died. The last thing I would want is to die between those bloody walls, but I starved. I’m glad a portion of the family got to see the outside. You were the best daughter, Eve :). I know you could make it! It’s a shame we the Livingstone’s only lasted three generations.

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I was Lisa, which is ironically my IRL.

Impressive! :+1: