Twinen Family, Attempt One

My first successful Eve spawn, and quite a good one at that. Found the spot for our new town and quickly gave birth to my first kid, who I promptly named Jeremy. He was a hard working child and I gave him the task of making the village’s first farm. Throughout the (hopefully, maybe) many lineages or Twinen, Jeremy will be remembered as a hero. We worked together to set up a kiln and a basic camp. Molly Twinen was the next surviving member of the family, our first and only surviving female. The other who didn’t suicide, known as Emily, died in infancy. So you can imagine my surprise when I had not one but three children who wanted to help me out and two who were able to do so. On the Europe one server this ain’t easy. And while the line never made it beyond generation 2 I set my home marker, died at 60 and reassured the twosome that they would be remembered in the town which we would hopefully build with the help of the eve spawn. I will use my membership of the Fellowship to make it one of the best towns the mobile edition has ever seen! Or so is my plan. Something to make Molly and Jeremy proud anyway. Unfortunately Molly died before forty from starvation, yet even as I type this Jeremy is working throughout his middle age all alone. Therefore in his honour I shall officially, if this thing need be made official, call this frontier village Jeremstone, in the hope that it’s residents will be as hard working and good as that first child of the civilisation. It will be open to anyone that pulls their own weight and doesn’t grief, hopefully with a little help from the Fellowship. The Eve spawn holder gets to decide the town type so this should be interesting. Best of luck, Jeremy, Molly and Emily, if you ever get to read this. Make sure to leave a reply below.

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You were talking to me about this on discord

We must revive Jeremstone!

I was Molly and was experiencing terrible lag. Died with a berry in my hand, ugh.

You were a great eve!

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Thanks Molly. You were a great daughter too. Now we have something to build up into a great town to put on the Ohol map.

This has happened so many times to me. I once lost my eve spawn because of it! :tired_face: