Two lives, three mothers, same location

I was trying to get an eve spawn on the Singapore server, so I can try to start a village with my friend. I was born to an eve, in the jungle. She got yellow fever and passed. I was thinking “Ok well… wait! is that another eve!?” A different eve ran past me, I tried to get her to feed me but wasn’t interested or didn’t notice me.

Well I can finally become an eve. Oh wait I’m a baby again, is that the same eve? And my last mother’s bones are right beside us.

She picked me up this time. While I was thinking " You can run but you can’t hide, your fate is to care for me." She got yellow fever too, and died. Bones near my previous mother’s bones.

Well, stuff happens. Time to move on to the next life. WAIT! is that another eve!?

She spawned right here beside me. Maybe she thought I was her baby, and took care of me. She got yellow fever too after giving birth to a little girl.

I took care of her and her baby. But she kept running off after she was healed, leaving me to care for her baby girl. Later I ran off with her daughter to find a nice spot. (This sounds kinda weird lol)

We found a good spot but the girl forgot to eat first. So I was alone again. Trying to smith and make some papar for notes of this crazy story. I didn’t find any iron but I did find two iron veins.

I died without leaving a note, but I did leave behind a comfortable tiny base camp. Good enough for an eve to get started without starving, if they know how to make stew.

If you ever find this tiny base camp, this was the base camp created by the son of three eves. And do tell me when you find it.


Good story. I love it…


Perfect life story!


Oof makes me wish those three eves werent noobs lol imagine the city that could have been built.


Imagine what we could do, that is the fist thing that comes to my mind evry time Im burn in this game. My hope are always lost, expecially when 90% of the time im the last one alive…


I just go to Japanese servers to get things done, like smithing a full set of tools from scratch in an eve village ( I knew enough Japanese to tell them I can smith but not enough to ask what they wanted lol). And epic seal hunting running far into the cold snow, clothing every child in town. Stuff like that.


Smart of your spart to do that. You can also consider playing in the US server. We are willing to help you, expecially me.

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US-1? How do we find each other ? I really miss the days of having a wolf pack that lives strong for generations, now they just die very early. Never got to fulfil the dream of having a wolf family with wolf hats.

Did manage to kill 10 wolves and bring 5 skins home while getting sheep in the sheep pen on a Japanese server. Also an eve village. Yeah I’m really into hunting lol.

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You two should join the fellowship. We are mostly active in Eu-2 but also sometimes play in Us. We could help you build a mega city if someone manages to build a belltower. Btw we mostly give the rights to make rules and name the towns to the eve who builds the belltower.

The lag is so bad for me in EU-2, maybe because I’m in Asia. US-1 server is fine.

Not sure if I’ll ever manage to make a full bell tower, I’ll be happy to play with other pros an just being the hunter of a mega city. I do enjoy some other jobs too if needed.

I have discord downloaded but never used it , idk why. I’ll make an account tomorrow.

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Nice lol the game can be a lotta fun when you can message people and ask them to join in a server with you.

I joined that chat along time ago. I think that I have my notifications off because I haven’t received any updates in the chat…

I dont see you in the group maybe youve accidently left the group? Or perhaps was kicked for inactivity? Maybe your discord name is defrent from your forum name?

Let me see…

Yeap. My notifications were off, and I also got kick out for inactivity.

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Lovely story! Thats very special. One time i spawned right next to a fresh grave with a broken coat and a pickaxe. I was searching for the city where the player came from and found an very big village. I got only one girl that died. All the otters where boys.